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Eliminate calf muscle spasm with 2 seconds stretching routine.

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

I treat patients with pain or discomfort in the back of the legs area too often. The most common visitors are women who wear high heels throughout the day, long-distance runners, active people, and people who point their toes while they sleep. As part of the massage session, I teach my client how to eliminate painful tension and night cramps with the modern stretching technique. Active isolated stretching is a Florida technique that has proven clinically effective on 2 seconds of muscle lengthening.


Let me give some tips to perform optimally this technique.

  • Stretching the legs completely in the knee joint is necessary, as well as the ankle joint.

  • Flexibility is the key to maintaining the health of muscles and joints.

  • This method stretches the muscles only for two seconds and repeats the steps up to eight times.

  • Breathing while stretching the muscle is essential.

  • The key to this method of stretching is feeling tension, but not feeling pain. Let me repeat: "Do not feel pain, but tension."

The video will explain how the technique works. Remember that the person in the video is an advanced practitioner.

Note: I want to thank to the Youtuber Adarsh Williams for this instructional video. All the credit is for him and this wonderful video. 


Practicing Active Isolated Stretching in conjunction with neuromuscular massage restores the health of the calf muscles.

Neuromuscular massage eliminates muscle spasm and restores proper biomechanical patterns while Active Isolate Stretching helps to keep the flexibility of the joint and restore blood flow inside the muscle fibers. Neuromuscular massage is a type of massage that focuses on eliminates symptoms and medical conditions relative to the muscles and their function.


I always recommend talking with your doctor and your massage therapist about your doubts. They are healthcare providers that must “provide” services, education, or guide the patient toward a high-quality medical practitioner available. You can read more wellness newsletters on my website. Also, I invite you to subscribe to my list to receive the last issue of Body Sense Magazine. It has the newest information about massage techniques and their benefits for clients. You can contact me if you have more questions.

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