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During the summer, trigger points appear to be as active as mosquitoes.

Hot Weather in Florida is already here! Many clients are experiencing more frequent headaches, deep muscle soreness, and stiffness these days. Trigger points seem to be as active as mosquitoes during summertime. Although the weather has an impact on the body's myofascial tissue, the therapist can assist you.

Let's start by understanding how patients perceive trigger point-related symptoms. A headache or migraine is described as stabbing or shooting pain in one or more sections of the head, neck, face, or mouth. They also report deep tenderness and radiating pain produced by irritated nerves, loss of range of motion, and joint stiffness. On the skin, trigger points can cause redness on the skin, sweating in some areas, and goosebumps. Some patients have mild to severe disruptions in their regular sleeping habits, such as sleeplessness, restless sleep, etc.

We already know that some disorders increase the risk of developing trigger points. It can also be triggered by emotional traumas, repetitive motion injury, prolonged improper posture. But, Why do people feel an increase in trigger points' symptoms during the summer? We can speculate on this. We just focused on two of the many factors that can affect the body.

  • First, during June, July, August, and September in Florida, the outside temperature and humidity rise considerably (between 90 and 100 degrees). But, the indoor temperature, like in the office or at home, is considerably lower due to the AC. As a result, we are frequently confronted with these situations. This change of temperature forces the Autonomic Nerve System to work harder. It also affects the body's myofascial tissue, which expands and contracts more often. As a result, trigger points become more active.

  • Second, the musculoskeletal system is also affected by the change in weather. Muscles, tendons, bones, ligaments, and myofascial tissue are all part of it. They are further affected as a result of dehydration during high temperatures. Keeping the body hydrated is a crucial habit that aids muscular function and avoids cramps, migraines, dizziness, weariness, dry skin, and other unpleasant symptoms. You may help yourself by being conscious of your ideal functional posture, drinking plenty of natural juices, and following a stretching program. Remember, massage treatment can assist to soothe, regulate, or deactivate Trigger Points as well as releasing Myofascial Tissues.

Robert Davis has more than 15 years of experience helping their clients with their health and well-being. He can help you keep your muscles working more efficiently this summer. All you can do is book your initial consultation today. Robert Davis has opened a second location in Maitland for your convenience.

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