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South Miami Location

(Inside: Midas Touch Institute)

7600 Red Road, Suite PH-300,

South Miami, Fl. 33143

Call to book for Chair Massage

We bring Chair Massage to your sports tournament, Appreciation Day, or office events. Elevate your party to the next level of luxury. 


Integrative Neuromuscular Therapist South Miami City, who performs clinical massage and sports massage with stretching to achieve an ideal functional posture and improve wellbeing. 

Manual therapy that makes a difference

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During the massage therapy session, clients receive the result of 15 years of cracking literature, lucubrate, and hands-on practice. A mix of manual therapy techniques is used to restore flexibility, eliminate muscle spasms, and release trigger points. Muscle Energy Techniques, Myofascial Release, Active Isolated Stretching, Structural Fascia are some of the techniques that can help to restore functional postural patterns. As a result, the client gets rid of their pain, heals faster, and returns to the optimal wellness state on more time. Respect for the client's needs, combined with active listening, is only the first step in the treatment plan. Robert Davis' vision is backed up by reviews and comments on a number of websites. However, allowing Robert to make an introduction...

Treatment menu in details

Initial Consultation, Assessment and Neuromuscular Treatment.

This service is meant for patients who have chronic muscle discomfort. The length of this session, which involves assessment and treatment will last up to 90 min. The visit begins with a detailed health history review followed by body posture analysis and physical assessments that are the key parts of this session. As a conclusion of this consultation, a treatment plan is developed to address your medical condition and needs. It is recommended, but not necessary, that the patients bring medical records (e.g. written reports of x-rays, MRI, etc.) if any.

Please, wear loose-fitting clothing or sports attire for your session. The treatment is part of the evaluation, and patients are encouraged to participate actively. Patients may get beneficial results from symptoms like numbness, migraine, irritated areas, menstrual cramps, some joint pain among others.

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